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I’m running for Champaign County Board because    

We need a budget that is anti-poverty.





 For the past decade,    our poverty rates

 have topped the national and state averages. 

 We also beat the rates of comparable 

 Illinois counties. 

Neighbors that earn the minimum wage must to work  73 hours a  week to afford a two-bedroom  apartment and utilities. 

 48.5% of renters and 15.8 % of homeowners are spending more than 30% of their paycheck on housing.


650 kids in CU public schools are temporarily or chronically 


 33,460 of Champaign County residents are food insecure (16.5%).  Among our kids  attending public schools in CU,

54% need free or reduced price lunches.

Neighbors lack accessible mental health services, substance abuse treatment centers,

and affordable childcare. 

  The County Board exists   

  to make sure neighbors get    

  the basics:   

When we don't meet
our responsibilities to residents, 
we lose.
P.S.: The top 1% of earners Champaign County make 18.6x more than the bottom 99%

    We win when we invest  in neighbors 

     who are trapped in poverty.                   


We rely on 1% of earners for the majority of county revenue. When we expand our tax base, we stabilize our budget in the long run. 

 When families can't afford  the basics,

we shrink our tax baseThe sales and property taxes are the County's  money makers;

and those funds should grow alongside families. 

       We expand our tax base when we  

  reduce generational poverty.                  


I'm an educator,

political activist,

and community organizer.

I'm challenging the Chair of the Champaign County Board for his seat in District 8. I'll win because I know we can do better.

In backroom deals, he has auctioned off key votes and committee seats to Republicans in exchange for his position as Chair.


I’ll think holistically about how we invest taxpayer dollars. I’ll back solutions that invest in our future. I will invest in community services in the same way we do public infrastructure.