Emily Rodriguez is a County Board Member-Elect for District 8.

Alongside Stephanie Seawell Fortado, Emily will represent much of UIUC campus and downtown Champaign.  She is building a life in Champaign County. In the past, she has taken on leadership roles as Chair of the Citizen Police Review Subcommittee and as an Administrator at the grassroots activist group CU Indivisible. Her record shows she fights diligently for government transparency and that she has a knack for collaborating with others to enact bold solutions. 

Emily won the Democratic primary with 83% of the vote.

We did it!

Champaign Citizen Police Review Subcommittee



I’m proud of my work on the CRS. I was elected to be the first Chair of the Citizen Review Subcommittee in 2017. Since then, I’ve worked to make the police complaint process more fair, meaningful, and accessible. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve done this by working with my fellow Commissioners, the City of Champaign, Champaign Police Department, and activists. I know how to do the slow, nuanced, and often unseen work of institutional change. Learn more about our work here

CU Indivisible



I've been been a leader in CU's thriving activist community for years. It's is one of the best things about Champaign County. In the past, I’ve served as a leader in one of the largest political activist groups in Champaign-Urbana, CU Indivisible. We are good at three things-- lobbying our elected officials, holding others accountable with research, and expanding opportunities for meaningful democratic participation.  Learn more about our work here

University of Illinois

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I’m also a doctoral student at UIUC. I study political rhetoric in local settings and I teach undergraduate students. The best part of my job is giving first-time voters a space to define their commitments, to lobby their elected officials, and grow more confident using their voice in public.