• electemilyrodriguez

Champaign Citizen Review Board pushes revamp of police-complaint process

Two years since it was first seated, the Champaign Citizen Review Subcommittee, chaired by University of Illinois doctoral student Emily Rodriguez, has come up with four recommendations on what can be done to "improve community-police relations" and make the complaint process easier and more transparent.

The subcommittee called on Champaign police to take four steps:

— Eliminate the current 30-day limitation on filing complaints.

— Fold mediation opportunities into the complaint hearing process.

— "Humanize" the complaint filing process by creating an anonymous option and adding complaint filing sites.

— Invite the complainant's participation and feedback after the process.

These proposed changes, Rodriguez said, will help to bring more transparency to the process and hopefully leave people with a greater sense of satisfaction.

Review the full 2018 Recommendations here.